Friday, November 18, 2011

flying back to the states.

in just over 5 hrs my alarm will be going off and we´ll be heading to the airport. First flying to paris and then to houston. Looking forward to this week.

So many references lately to ¨I like the concept of..... but I don´t really like........ ¨
For example the clips from the movie Like Crazy  and an FML I read last night where a guy got broken up with because his girlfriend liked the concept of him but didn´t really like him. I think the same is true with the French and Americans. Everywhere I go in Lyon, I see people wearing sweaters, jackets, purses, anything with an American Flag plastered on them. There is a shop I recently discovered called Carrie Bradshop. Obviously a play on the American series character. Anyways the store is filled with gorgous vintage items such as dress, shoes and purses. Yesterday I brought some friends there to show them and I found a necklace that was a big black heart on a gold chain that had a plastic casing of smaller hearts around the larger one. It was 25 Euros and I thought I would treat myself except when I went to pay they only accept cash. So the lady said that when I come back tomorrow the shop owner would be there. Long story short I came back to the store and was looking at the heart when I notice that the casing was loose and needed to be reglued to the heart. The shopowner saw me looking at the necklace and told me to try it on. So when I put the chain on the heart fell off and hit the ground. He picked it up and saw that the casing was loose and told me I broke it. I showed him that the clasp on the heart was broken and that´s why it fell off and the casing was like that before. Just then my friend walked in and he sees that she is with me and he immediately tells her that I broke his necklace. I explained again that it was already broke, in two places, and that I didn´t have anything to do with it. So, I tell my friend let´s go and the shop owner looks at me with his head cocked to the side and says, ¨I think that´s for the best. Go ahead, get out. ¨

Seriously?! Carrie Bradshaw wouldn´t buy anything from that janky store and I am sure that any American wouldn´t have gotten all mad-hatter about some second hand defunct jewelery. Glad I didn´t purchase it the day before.

starting at 6:22

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