Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my first dress

I am back with the needle and thread again, determined now to finish a garment. I´ve realized I think I am more interested in making the clothes than wearing them for fashion. So, hopefully one day this will take me somewhere. Most times when I´ve put down a dream or a goal in writing it has come true. Here´s to hoping one day I will come back to this post and think that I can´t believe it started here.....

Here´s my first work in progress. I bought this tissue last year and in the encouraging words of Tim Gunn ¨Make it Work¨. So when you´ve given up or think that the idea´s a dud, don´t give up and do the best with what you´re given.

It started when I went into the store Nice Things (Yes, that´s the actual name), and fell in love with all the vintage looking dresses, sweaters, dresses, accessories. I wanted everything but couldn´t afford hardly anything (at least without some buyer´s remorse). My problem is I love fashion but I will never pay designer prices. The average price of a dress was about 75 Euros. Not too bad because it is quality Catalan design but still most of the pieces didn´t have more than 3 seams.
That´s when I was looking through the catalog back at home that I though, why can´t I make this myself for like 20% of the price?
So, I picked this simple dress on the left, I already had the pattern and some fabric I bought last year. I´ll try making one and see how it goes.....

The first fitting, not too bad. Pretty close to the Nice Things dress.  Needs some shaping up and work on the sleeves. In the meantime I´ll cinch it with a belt and try to find some different fabrics.

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